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Description of Sokoban Touch (from google play)

This is the only one official app of Sokoban.
Sokoban is the world-renowned profound puzzle game since 1982.

―Good for enjoying in spare time.
―Good for brain training.
―Good for developing kids aptitude.
―Good for preventing dementia.

Carry every box to goal by pushing.
You can push just one box at a time.
Thus, that must be simple, but profound.

You should consider deeply to move the box, otherwise you might end up getting stack.
The box you've moved could interfere with the other boxes.

The sense of accomplishment due to solving tough level is like feeling of unraveling a tangled thread.

Unexpectedly, many players want to play again even if they got tired once.
Additional levels coming one after another, so you can enjoy eternally.

That is why Sokoban is long seller.
Why don't you try it.


Features of Sokoban
- The rules are simple
- Simply carry all objects to their goals
- However, you can only push them
- It's not as easy as you think!
- You don't need luck
- Only careful thinking will clear levels

Version history Sokoban Touch
New in SokobanTouch 2.11.2
Here's the finale of most popular series of Sokoban, "First Step". Including two stunning levels sets.
We hope every puzzle fan to complete this greatest first step.
Of course, these newest level sets are suitable for beginners also!
New in SokobanTouch 2.10.1
The newest level set "First Step #7" has come.

Sokoban level series named "First Step" is The greatest first step of the greatest puzzle game.
This time, one of the last three level sets remained within "First Step" series has come for every puzzle lovers.
If you are on the way of this stunning "First Step", you should not abandon it. You have to accomplish.
If you did not came across this series, why don't you try it even from now.
New in SokobanTouch 2.9.2
2.9.2Actually, 2017 was the 35th anniversery of Sokoban.And, Sokoban will remain in 2018, so thank you in advance.At the end of 2017, we bring you the 6th of the level set, named "First Step" series which was made to make you get the knack of Sokoban.・A new level set has come.・Price of some items have been changed.
New in SokobanTouch 2.7.2
2.7.2New free level set "Step Count" has come!Highly recommend for beginners or even kids.However, we want expert players to aim to shortest steps.
New in SokobanTouch 2.6.0
2.6.0Level set "FirstStep #5" has moderate difficulty. Suitable for every one who just being bored. Level set "Perfect+ #6" is the last one of legendary puzzle game "Sokoban Perfect". Can you sweep this series? Why don't you try it!
New in SokobanTouch 2.5.0
2.5.0At last, Newest version of Sokoban Touch is coming!Level set "Perfect #5" has best balance, highly recommend for every puzzle lover.Level set "Revenge #3" it's originally is "Sokoban Revenge" that renown as most difficult puzzle game, so highly recommend for every puzzle mania.2.4.2We made the additional issue that occurred at our latest update fixed.I apologize for the users faced this issue.2.4.1An issue occurred in particular device has been corrected.
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